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Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Today's video is a panorama of Portsmouth Harbour from Gosport. Across the harbour you can see the new Spinnaker Tower, the tallest accessible structure in the United Kingdom outside of London. In the foreground you can see one of the many ferries operating out of Portsmouth Harbour. Many of the ferries travel to the nearby Isle of Wight but I think most of those travel from the Spinnaker Tower side of the harbour.

The tower represents sails billowing in the wind, a design accomplished using two large, white, sweeping steel arcs, which give the tower its distinctive spinnaker sail design. At the top is a triple observation deck, providing a 320 degree view of the city of Portsmouth, the Langstone and Portsmouth harbours, and a viewing distance of 37 kilometres (23 miles). The glass floor is the largest in Europe.

This design was chosen from a selection of concept designs through a vote offered to Portsmouth residents.

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