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Roman Theatre, Amman, Jordan

The Roman Theatre is the largest theatre in Jordan—with room for 6,000 spectators. Thought to have been built between AD 138 and AD 161 by the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius, it is constructed into the side of the mountain and is still used for sport displays and cultural events.

Amman itself resembles Rome, as it is situated on seven hills, the city was therefore a favorite place for Roman soldiers and officials.

Amman, sometimes spelled Ammann, is the capital of the Kingdom of Jordan, a city of more than 1.6 million inhabitants (2000), is the administrative capital and commercial centre of Jordan. It is the capital city of Amman Governorate.

Throughout history, Amman has been inhabited by several civilizations. The first civilization on record is during the Neolithic period, around 6500 BC, when archaeological discoveries in 'Ain Ghazal, located in eastern Amman, showed evidence of not only a settled life but also the growth of artistic work, which suggests that a well-developed civilization inhabited the city at that time.

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