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Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong

The Tian Tan Buddha is a large bronze statue of the Buddha, located at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, in Hong Kong. Also known as the Giant Buddha, it is the world's tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha. The statue is located near Po Lin Monastery and symbolizes the harmonious relationship between man and nature, people and religion. It is a major center of Buddhism in Hong Kong, and is also a popular tourist attraction.

The statue is named Tian Tan Buddha because its base is a model of Tian Tan, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. It is one of the five large Buddha statues in China. The Giant Buddha statue sits peacefully on a lotus throne on top of a three-platform altar. It is surrounded by eight smaller bronze statues representing gods or immortals.

The Buddha is 34 meters high and weighs 250 tons. This, the world's tallest seated bronze Buddha, can even be seen as far away as Macau on a clear day. Visitors have to climb 268 steps in order to reach the Buddha.

The Tian Tan Buddha appears serene and dignified. His right hand is raised, representing the removal of affliction. His left hand lies on his knee, signifying human happiness. The Buddha faces north, which is unique among the great Buddha statues. (All others face South.)

In addition there are 3 floors at the bottom of Buddha: The Hall of Universe, The Hall of Benevolent Merit and The Hall of Remembrance. One of the most renowned features inside is a relic of Sakyamuni, consisting of some of his alleged cremated remains. There is a huge carved bell inscribed with images of Buddhas and lections in the show room. It was designed to ring every seven minutes, 108 times a day, symbolizing the release of 108 kinds of human vexations.

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