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Congresso Nacional, Brasilia

Since the 1960s, the National Congress has had its seat in Brasilia. Like most of the official buildings in the city, it was designed by Oscar Niemeyer following the style of the Brazilian modern architecture.

The semisphere is the seat of the Senate, and the semisphere is the seat of the Chamber of the Deputies. Between them there are two towers of offices. The Congess also occupies other surrounding buildings, some of them interconnected by a tunnel.

The building is located in the middle of the Monumental axis, the city main street. In front of it there's a large lawn, where demonstrations take place. At the back of it, there are the Praca dos Tres Poderes, where the Palacio da Alvorada and the Palace of the Justice lie.

Brazil's bicameral National Congress (Portuguese: Congresso Nacional) consists of a Senate (the upper house) and a Chamber of Deputies (the lower house).

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