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Independence Square, Kiev

Maidan Nezalezhnosti (lliterally: Independence Square) is the main square of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, located on the Khreschatyk Street. "Maidan" is originally a Persian word which means square.

Maidan Nezalezhnosti was completely rebuilt in 2002. The old look of the square with its many fountains was replaced by a new, more modernist look with bronze compositions featuring the statues of legendary founders of Kiev Kiy, Schek, Horiv and Lybid, folklore hero Cossack Mamay, the city's protector Archangel Michael, Beregynia and glass domes. A mostly underground shopping mall, the Globe, was built under Maidan Nezalezhnosti, part of a huge new underground market complex built under the city centre.

The biggest protests of the Ukraine without Kuchma campaign and the Orange Revolution took place in this square. Maidan Nezalezhnosti received global media coverage in late 2004 during the Orange Revolution, as hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered in the square and pitched tents for several weeks, enduring the cold and snow.

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