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Montreal Biosphere

The Biosphere is a geodesic dome on Ile Sainte-Helene in Montreal, Canada. The building was the United States pavilion for the 1967 World Exhibition Expo 67.

The spherical structure's architect was Richard Buckminster Fuller. The building originally formed an enclosed structure of steel and acrylic cells, 76 meters (250 feet) in diameter and 62 meters (200 feet) high. A complex system of shades was used to control the internal temperature.

The architects for the interior exhibition space were from Golden Metak Productions. Visitors had access to four large theme platforms divided into seven levels. The building included a 37-meter-long escalator, the longest ever built at the time.

A fire burned away the building's acrylic bubble in 1976, but the steel latticework remained.

An Environment Canada museum was built in the Biosphere in 1995. The new museum is a set of enclosed buildings designed by Eric Gauthier, inside the original steel skeleton. The objective of the facility is to educate the Canadian public about climate change, water as well as the St-Lawrence Great Lakes ecosystem.

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