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Vigeland Park, Oslo

Vigeland Sculpture Park is a park located in the district of Oslo called Frogner, west of the city centre, in the centre of the large Frognerparken, which belongs to the Frogner Manor.

Probably the most famous park in Norway, it was created by sculptor Gustav Vigeland between the years 1907 and 1942. Most of the sculptures date from the years 1926 to 1942.

The park has as its theme what could be called the "Human Condition." Most of the statues depict people engaging in various typically human persuits, such as running, wrestling, dancing, hugging, holding hands and so on. However, Vigeland occasionally included some statues that are more abstract, and to some degree defy understanding. Such as the "Man attacked by Babies" statue, which shows an adult male, fighting off a horde of tiny babies.

One of the main attractions to the park is The Monolith, (Monolitten). At over 14 meters tall, the column is covered with entwined human bodies and is carved out of a single block of stone.

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