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Tower Bridge, Sacramento

The Tower Bridge is a vertical lift bridge located in Sacramento, California that crosses the Sacramento River in the U.S. state of California. It was previously a part of U.S. Highway 40 until all of the highway west of Salt Lake City was decommissioned. It is now part of California State Highway 275.

In March 1926, construction was completed on the M Street Bridge in Sacramento. Seven years later, in 1933, the city realized that it needed a better crossing over the Sacramento River in case of war, and the existing bridge was highly inadequate to handle heavy traffic. On December 22, 1933, the State of California, Sacramento County, and Sacramento Northern Electric Railroad held a conference to plan the new bridge. It was to be 52 feet (16 m) wide, with four lanes for cars, and one large center lane for a railroad. On December 15, 1935, then-governor Frank Merriam dedicated the bridge.

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