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Mainzer Dom, Main

Mainz Cathedral, formally known in English as St. Martin Cathedral (in German Mainzer Dom, sometimes Der Hohe Dom zu Mainz) is located near the historical centre and pedestrianised market square of the city of Mainz, Germany. This Roman Catholic cathedral is the site of the episcopal see for the Bishop of Mainz.

Mainz Cathedral is predominantly Romanesque in style, but later exterior additions over many centuries has resulted in the appearance of various architectural influences seen today. It stands under the patronage of Saint Martin of Tours, although the eastern chancel is christened Saint Stephen.

The interior of the cathedral houses tombs and funerary monuments of former powerful Electoral-prince-archbishops, or Kurfurst-Erzbischofe, of the diocese and contains religious works of art spanning a millennium. The cathedral also has a central courtyard and statues of St. Boniface and The Madonna on its grounds.

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