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More Google Maps & Video Mashups

I think I was the first to mash up Google Maps and video (I hadn't seen any before I started this blog, but I am willing to be proved wrong). I remember the first time I saw Google Maps and being amazed at the satellite imagery. Like everyone else I zoomed in on my house, then I started looking around at famous landmarks around the world. Pretty soon I started thinking wouldn't it be great to watch a video of these locations. And so the idea for Virtual Tourism was born.

To me this was such an amazing idea that I thought there would soon be loads of other sites with the same concept. Well about a year down the road and a number of sites have started to emerge.

These are the ones I've found and liked:

Mooom: This is a Japanese site. I think the site is a Japanese version of YouTube, where users can share videos (its in Japanese so I can't read it). The videos are then plotted on a Google Map. Most of the locations are in Japan but a few other locations are beginning to be plotted.

Video Map: This site has taken videos of Budapest from YouTube and placed them on a map of the city. Exclusively Budapest.

Virtual Video Map: This site has one hundred videos plotted on Google Maps. The site seems to have reached critical mass. Once you start plotting more than one hundred tags things can begin to start lagging. But it works well at the moment.

If you are interested in finding more I suggest you search the excellent Google Maps Mania which has links to at least 600 Google Maps mashups and which has been a great friend to this site.