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Piazza Maggiore, Bologna

Piazza Maggiore is a square in Bologna, Italy. It was created in 1200. It is one of the finest squares in all of Italy. The square is surrounded by the Palace of the Notories, the Palace of the Commune, the Palace of Podesta, and the San Petronio Basilica.

Bologna , from Latin Bononia, (Bulaggna in the local dialect) is the capital city of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy, in the Pianura Padana, between the Po River and the Apennines, exactly, between Reno River and Savena River.

Bologna was founded by the Etruscans with the name Felsina (ca. 534 BCE) in an area previously inhabited by the villanovians, a people of farmers and shepherds. The Etruscan city grew around a sanctuary built on a hill, and was surrounded by a necropolis.

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