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Huangguoshu Waterfall, China

Huangguoshu Waterfall (literally "Yellow-Fruit Tree Falls") is the biggest waterfall in China. It is located located on the Baihe River in Anshun, in the Guizhou Province of China.

The waterfall is 74 m (243 feet) high and 81 m (266 feet) wide. The Waterfall is part of the Huangguoshu National Park. The waters flowing at a capacity of 737 cubic meters per second, come from an area of 770 square kilometers.

The thunderous roars of the waterfall can be heard within a distance of 5 kilometers. During the flood season, the torrential waters cascade down some thousand feet from the cliff tops to the Pool of Xiniu encircled on three sides by the mountains, dashing against rocks with deafening noises and throwing up turbulent waves

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