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Google Maps & Google Earth Updates

Both Google Earth and Google Maps have had major updates in the last few days. New high resolution satellite imagery is now available for:

the entire country of Switzerland terrain at 10m, the Swiss Alps are now high-res!
the entire country of Denmark at 50cm
the French cities of Lyon, Le Mans, Lourdes, Riems, Nancy, Limoges, Lille & Arles
Potsdam and Magdeburg, Germany
Barcelona, Belem, CapeTown, Galapagos (Isabella Island), Manaus, Mt Saint Helens, Recife, Rio, Venice)
Whistler British Columbia
full state coverage for Wyoming & Utah

If you have Google Earth you should definitely check out the Swiss Alps. If you haven't got Google Earth then you should check out this beautiful video of The Matterhorn on Google Maps.