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DIY Video Maps

Google's latest addition to Google Maps, 'My Maps' means that now anyone can make their own video map and share it with their friends.


1. Go to Google Maps and click on the 'My Maps' tab.

2. Click on 'Create new map'

3. Fill in the 'title' and 'description' text box.

4. Zoom into a location on the map, choose the 'blue' place-mark and give your place-mark a title.

5. Next to where it says 'Description' click on 'Edit HTML' and then cut & past the embed code from a YouTube video.

6. Press OK and save.

7. To share your finished map with your friends click on 'link to this page' at the top right of the map and then cut and paste the address that appears in the address bar of your browser.

It really is that easy. Here's one I made in about two minutes of the The London Eye.

Of course if you do create a video map we would love to feature it on this site, so leave the address of your video map in a comment and we will share it with the world.

For more help check out the official Google Blog post, Map-making: So easy a caveman could do it