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Google Maps Street View

The latest new feature for Google Maps is Street View. Street View is available for five US cities, San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Las Vegas, Denver and Miami.

If you click on the blue area in any Google Map that offers Street View an interactive panoramic image appears of that location. The images are Flash files similar to Quicktime panoramic pictures, some of which you can see by viewing the Quicktime Panorama Map.

Google's Panoramic images however contain arrow links that allow you to progress along a street and double clicking on a part of the image zooms you in on that point, so offer more interactivity than Quicktime panoramas. This is another great development from Google, go play.

Google Siteseeing win the prize for the first to find an interesting shot in Street View, with this panorama of Google employees posing outside their office. I've got to say it was damned lucky they were all standing outside just at the moment the photographer walked passed.