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Photos on Google Earth

At last week's Google Developer Day Google announced a soon to be released new feature which will allow users to add images to Google Earth in a rather funky way. However that will only be possible with the release of KML 2.2.

But why wait? A Flickr employee Dan Catt has created a way for you to view Flickr photos in Google Earth. OK, the photos are not presented in as attractive a way as they will be with the release of KML 2.2 but this is still pretty impressive.

For example click on this link to view pictures of lightening in Google Earth (Google Earth is required).

The KML of that file is:

So - you can see the word 'lightening' in there so all you need to do is change that word in the address and you will be able to fetch any photo that has that tag in Flickr (well those that have been geo-tagged as well).

And that's not all. You can also load photos from a particular Flickr user or from a particular Flickr group. Check out Dan's blog Geobloggers to find out how.