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BBC and Sky Flood Maps

BBC Berkshire has produced a 'My Map' of the current floods in this area of the south of England. You can see the map here. The BBC have included YouTube clips of viewers' videos of the floods as well as links to local radio reports.

Sky News have taken up the mantle and embedded a Google Map of the floods in the north of England in their website. Like the BBC map Sky have included photos and video in their embedded map.

One of Sky's Embedded newscasts

At Virtual Tourism we think the joining of video and maps is a great way to communicate some news items. Last week we produced own own map of the Japanese earthquake which included clips from newscasts. Hopefully this is an area that the established media will start to develop.

Update 1:
the Google LatLong Blog is now featuring the BBC's map but hasn't picked up on the Sky map - Google LatLong: BBC Interactive Flood Map

Update 2: Someone has produced a Google Map of Emergency Water Points in Gloucestershire. During a flood the drinking water supply often becomes contaminated by the flood waters so this map could prove very useful. The map is embedded below. It seems to have come form someone at the Open University (at least that's what I'm guessing from the web address).