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Middlehaven, Middlesbrough

The Middlehaven Dock area in Middlesbrough is currently home to Middlesbrough FC's new Riverside stadium and the famous Transporter Bridge, However the once busy docks are no longer in use and the area is largely a wasteland. Tees Valley Regeneration, which has been given the role of coordinating the area's redevelopment, has employed Will Alsop to come up with a masterplan.

Alsop is known as the 'bad boy' of English architecture. His radical design for the area is to create a riverside community with 750 new homes and 1000 new jobs. Already planning consent has been granted for the first two, nine-storey “sugar cube” buildings. You can get a better idea of Alsop's vision by watching the promotional movie on the map.

View Middlehaven on Google Maps

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