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The Lady in the Window Speaks

Our much copied streetview of the woman above staring out of her window in Encinitas has now made it to the LA Times. This view was the one of the first we found when Google Maps recently extended Streetview to four more cities.

The woman has now been interviewed by the LA Times and she is of course a little concerned. The LA Times says,

"The 80-year-old retired dry cleaner said she found the idea of having her picture appear in an online program -- for all the world to see -- disconcerting.

"You ought to be able to look out your window without getting your picture taken by someone you don't even know," she said."

And to compound the intrusion we post the image all over again. Ironically if you swing the camera around 180 degrees and zoom into the garage opposite the old lady's house you will find a man who we understand is very upset that the old woman is getting all the publicity.