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MapJack - A Rival to Streetview

MapJack have a new Beta version of their 'streetview' style map of San Francisco. The new version is a big improvement and it now rival's Google's Streetview. The views are now navigable from the keyboard which makes the walk around San Francisco even more immersive. The transition from each 320 degree panorama has also been improved and the imagery is brighter than Google's, which seems grey in comparison.

The only area that MapJack really falls down in is in the linking. Google allows the user to link to a particular streetview which you cannot do with MapJack. If MapJack can add that feature they will have beaten Google's Streetview hands-down.

I received an e-mail from MapJack pointing out that you can link to particular panoramas. In fact here is a link to some pirates that are a favourite on streetview spotting sites.

Digital Urban were first with news of MapJack Beta Digital Urban: MapJack - Sneak Peak at Flash Street View (Beta)