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Video in Google Earth

The Holy Grail, in terms of this blog, has finally arrived. The Google Earth Blog have discovered that videos are now able to be embedded in Google Earth.

We will be working hard over the next couple of days to create Google Earth KML files for the videos used on this site.

Here are the first:

Turkey Videos
London Videos
America Videos
Paris Videos
Rome Videos
Canada Videos
China Videos
Egypt Videos
India Videos
Japan Videos
Australia Videos

Or if you wish all of the above in one KML of over 100 videos on Google Earth

All in One

It appears that Windows Media Player can also now be embedded on Google Earth. Here is an example of a number of TV news stations:

TV News

Click on any of the links above to open in Google Earth or right click on the link and press copy link location and then paste the link location into the search bar in Google Maps. If you open the KML's in Google Maps you can then use the new embed option to add the maps to your own website or blog.