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Google News Map

Imitation is the sincerest form flattery. So it is nice to see MediaScrape copy our Live News Map. Check both of them out and notice the similarities, even down to the ticker updates.

Of course MediaScape's site is better designed and the tags on their maps are links to videos. This was an idea we dropped as we think it makes more sense to just choose the news station you are interested in.

Although initially excited when we conceived of the idea we soon became bored of it. It just seems to make more sense to go straight to the news websites, like the BBC site, direct, than go to a map. However MediaScape could be onto a winner with the option to allow users to upload their own videos.

If we were really sneaky we would take MadiaScrape's RSS feed, run a location extractor on each item and add their news stories to our own Live News Map. Of course we won't - but just to prove we could if we wanted: (click on 'more info' and you can even watch the videos)

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