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Free Burma Campaign

Free Burma!
At least 1,000 people have been arrested in Yangon in Burma alone, the majority of them monks.

There has been a flood of reports of alleged brutal killings, disappearances and arrests as the military in Myanmar stamped out the anti-government protests of the last week.

The Shwedagon Pagoda at 98 metres in height dominates the city of Yangon and is the most sacred Buddhist pagoda for the Burmese. On September 24, 20,000 monks and nuns led 30,000 people in a peaceful anti-government march from the golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, past the offices of the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) party.

On September 25, 2,000 people defied threats from Burma's junta and marched to Shwedagon Pagoda amid army trucks and warning of Brigadier-General Thura Myint Maung not to violate Buddhist "rules and regulations." The following morning, various prominent protesters were arrested and troops barricaded Shwedagon Pagoda and attacked the 700 people within.

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