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Google Earth Update

Hot on the heels of Google Earth's last image update, which was only a few weeks ago, comes yet another update.

As usual Google are teasing us with clues as to the parts of the world that have been updated. Here are the clues:

1) U.S. Route 91 turns into a much more famous stretch of road when it crosses into this town.
2) Every year, this city plays host to the U.K.'s largest outdoor (temporary) ice rink. - Answer: Leeds
3) Paradise: In this town you can surf or visit the world's most delicious book store, located in an old Twinkie factory (with plenty of aging filling still in the pipes). - Answer: Cleveland
4) The original name of this city was Terminus. - Answer: Atlanta, Georgia
5) The world's northernmost opera house is located in this town. - Answer: Tromsø, Norway more likely to be Reykjavik, Iceland
6) This major U.S. city is actually north of Canada.
7) A popular children's game show that promoted geographic knowledge was produced out of this city.
8) Don't let the name fool you -- this lake actually fills a 4,000ft deep caldera. - Answer: Crater Lake
9) You can tour the Royal Navy's first iron-hulled, armour-plated warship in this town. - Answer: Portsmouth, UK
10) The historic fort in this city was restored based on an 1847 map published in Darmstadt, Germany. - Answer: Sutter's Fort, Sacremento
11) As Halloween approaches, one might be interested in viewing the 'Ghost Capital of Britain.' - Answer: Derby, UK
12) Now part of Germany, this city was once the capital of the Hanseatic League. - Answer: Lubeck, Germany
13) President Lincoln attended the dedication ceremony of the Soldier's National Cemetery in this town. - Answer: Gettysburg

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