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Tourist Videos

a palm tree
Today's project is to map official tourist videos for all the countries on Earth. So far we've managed 53, which is about a quarter of the way there.

You can view the Tourist Map here.

You may not be surprised to find that a very high percentage of the videos start with an attractive woman (normally in a bikini), soon you will find that you are flying over palm laden beaches (even Scotland tries to sell itself as a surfer's paradise and believe me I have been - there is no way I would brave those freezing seas) and some gloriously green hills. But these countries are not just wonders of nature they are also fun places to be with lively cities full of amazing food and culture and lots of gorgeous young people.

My personal favourites are the video from Visit England (only because of the soundtrack of Paul Weller's English Rose) and the Australian video because it at least tries to have a sense of humour.

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