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Where in the world is ...

The Google LatLong blog has announced another huge update to the Google Earth imagery. As is Google's way they have released a number of clues as to which areas have been updated.

Here are the clues:

1) A young boy living in this town designed the Alaska state flag 32 years prior to Alaska gaining statehood.

2) The incredible ruins of an old medieval castle, believed damaged during the Swedish invasion of 1655, are now visible in Google Earth.

3) On July 3, 1810, this city declared independence from Spain.

4) This city's metropolitan area is the most populous in the world, with over 35 million people.

5) Known as the City of Peace for hosting many peace conferences, this city is a popular tourist destination.

6) The oldest Polish cathedral, this burial site of many famous Polish leaders is now high res.

7) This Jersey city is now high res.

8) Lawrence of Arabia and Cleopatra were both filmed at this famous studio.

9) This city is also Ukraine's largest port.

10) Though completely destroyed in an 1868 fire, this gold rush town was completely restored by the government of British Columbia to act as a tourist attraction.

11) This was the final port of call for the Titanic before it's ill-fated transatlantic journey.

12) Bach, 38 at the time, was appointed the cantor for St Thomas' Church in this city.

13) This deep-water port was constructed far offshore and is connected to the mainland by the third longest bridge in the world.

14) The element Hafnium is named after this city's Latin name.

15) The picturesque port in this city has been painted many times over, and helped inspire the Impressionist movement.

16) Famous as the site where Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral landed in Brazil, this city is now a tourist destination.

17) The imagery above the headquarters of my favorite search engine has been upgraded!

Via: Google LatLong: Where in the world is ...