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Google Rival to Google Maps

Google have updated their Chart API to include simple maps. The Chart API lets users turn data into a static image of a chart that can then be added to a web page like any other image. The new map feature in the API now also allows users to add an image of a simple map to a web page.

The geographical areas that can be mapped are
  • africa
  • asia
  • europe
  • middle east
  • south america
  • usa
  • world
Within each of the map areas above individual states or countries can be coloured.

This is an example of the world map with a few countries (at random) coloured blue.

As you can see the Chart API provides a static map. Obviously Google Maps allows developers to do far more exciting things but this new feature of the Chart API does provide web developers with a quick and easy(ish) method to provide a simple map.