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Mashup of the Day

A little experiment I threw together to create an adventure game with street view has been named ProgrammableWeb's Mashup of the Day.

Yay for me!

It was a bit weird to find this out today as I've never really publicised the game. I posted the game on the Google Maps Discussion group just as a demonstration for other developers. It then got mentioned in the Google LatLong blog - which is where ProgrammableWeb picked it up from.

The coding in it is not that good - I guess I'll have to tidy it up now that people are going to look at it. If you want to see how the code should look. Have a look at the street view tour I produced for the Google Maps API demo gallery.

In that example I have separated the data from the logic (thanks to some suggestions from Pamela Fox) - and it is therefore much more elegant.