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Google LatLong: Where in the world is...

Google Earth has received another image update. As is Google's way they initially only give clues as to which areas have received improved imagery. Here are the clues (my guesses in red) (GE for the masses has had a go as well - their answers / guesses sometimes differ - their answers are in blue and actually are probably better guesses than mine):

1) Founded in 1608, this former British possession has a decidedly French flair.
Montreal Quebec City

2) Once the seat of great political power, this red fortress is now a major tourist attraction.

Hmm - not much of a clue to this one. India alone has a number of Red Forts. This is Delhi's Red Fort. Agra Fort is also known as the Red Fort. The Alhambra Fortress, Granada, Spain - this seems more likely than my guess as there seems to be a lot of updates for Spain this time round. .

3) Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city was lost to the world for 1700 years.
Herculaneum, Pompei - same volcano different location

4) Passing by a famous golf course and luxurious mansions, this stretch of road is a tourist attraction in its own right.

5) Legend has it that Hercules founded this major European city.
Seville, Spain, Barcelona, Spain - that Hercules was a busy god.

6) This city within a city plays host to an Opera House, Planetarium, Science Museum, Oceanographic Park, and beautiful gardens.
Looks like the City of Arts and Science in Valencia

7) When we updated imagery of this city, we got complete coverage of another country with it.
Rome has The Vatican which is a sovereign city state.

8) This city hosted General MacArthur's South West Pacific Headquarters during WWII.
Melbourne, Brisbane, Australia

9) Some of my Googler co-workers can enjoy the views from this very tall building.
Taipei 101 Tower, Taipei, Taiwan

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