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Teen Murder Map of London

This last weekend saw the 17th teen murder in London this year. I've updated the Teen Murder Map of London to include the details of this latest death of a youngster in London.

Ben Kinsella was just 16 years old when he was killed this weekend in north London.

Large Magellanic Cloud

LMCI've added yet another video to the Star Viewer Map. The latest video is of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

The Large Magellanic Cloud, known as the LMC, is a nearby satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way. At a distance of around 160,000 light-years, the LMC is the third closest
galaxy to us.

Gamma Velorum A

I've added this video of a star exploding to the Star Viewer map.

Gamma Velorum A is a Wolf-Rayet star weighing ~25 solar masses and is located ~800 light years away. It may explode like the star in this video sometime in the distant future.

Where the Hell is Matt?

Matt Harding has stretched this gig beyond its logical limit. Quite frankly it isn't that interesting any more.

However this has now gone beyond a faintly amusing internet meme and has become for Matt an epic life journey to never get a proper job. To that end I fully support Matt's efforts to bum around the world and openly admit that I'm only critical because I didn't think of it first.

Video Map

I've added Panoramio photos to the Video Map. Now as well as being able to view videos of hundreds of tourist locations around the world you can check out photos of the same location.

The Panormamio photos don't work so well in the Google Earth plug-in version of the map. I therefore now have two versions; the Google Earth plug-in version called Video Earth (which is available via the button at the top right of this page) and the Video Map which is linked to in the left hand column.

London Teen Murder Map

Whilst I wasn't paying attention another two teenagers in London have been murdered. I guess that they are becoming so common that the press are losing interest.

I have added 17 year old, Arsema Dawit and 17 year old, Sharmaake Hassan to the London Teen Murder Map

Guggenheim Museum, New York

Guggenheim Museum
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, founded in 1937, is a modern art museum located on the Upper East Side in New York City. It is the best-known of several museums owned and/or operated by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, and is often called simply The Guggenheim. It is one of the best-known museums in New York City. The main part of the building is a very unusual shape, and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Originally called "The Museum of Non-Objective Painting," the Guggenheim was founded to showcase avant-garde art by early modernists such as Rudolf Bauer, Hilla Rebay, Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian. It moved to its present location, at the corners of 89th Street and Fifth Avenue (overlooking Central Park), in 1959, when Frank Lloyd Wright's design for the site was completed.

View a video of the Guggenheim Museum on Google Maps

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New Street View Cities

Google have today added street view to 37 more cities in the USA. Unfortunately they haven't taken the plunge out of the US yet. They have also replaced the higher resolution imagery in San Francisco with lower resolution imagery (and have the cheek to call it an improvement). This means that many of the images in the Street Viewer no longer exist (in fact the gallery has been decimated - down from 150 odd views to about 36!).

Here are some of the new sights:

St Louis Gateway Arch

View Larger Map

Virtual Tourism on the BBC

A couple of weeks ago I did an interview with the sonorous Eddie Mair for BBC Radio 4's iPM programme. I was presumably so boring that the interview was never aired. However iPM actually posted the interview on their BBC website.

The interview was about Google Maps' Street View and the prospect of it arriving in Europe.

To listen to the interview just press play on the image below:

3D Map

An image from Google Maps showing a 3D image of the Egyptian pyramidsI've been experimenting with the new Google Earth for the browser plug-in. It occurred to me that a map showing all the excellent 3D buildings from Google Earth would be a good idea.

The resulting 3D Map so far has mapped 300 3D buildings around the world. Depending on the response to this map I might add more buildings!

Spitzer Google Map

An amazing infra-red survey of the Galactic plane of the Milky Way, using the Spitzer Space Telescope has been produced.

The Spitzer team have added this imagery to an amazing Spitzer Google Map. It is interesting to compare the Spitzer map to my Star Viewer Map, which uses imagery from the Hubble telescope.

Château Chillon, Switzerland

Château Chillon
Château de Chillon is located on the shore of Lake Geneva near Montreux, Switzerland. The first written record of the castle is in 1005. From the mid 12th century, the castle was home to the Counts of Savoy, and it was greatly expanded in the 13th century by Pietro II.

Lord Byron wrote the poem The Prisoner Of Chillon (1816) about François de Bonivard, a Genevois monk and politician who was imprisoned there from 1530 to 1536,

"There are seven pillars of Gothic mould,
In Chillon’s dungeons deep and old"

Byron etched his name in one of the pillars of Bonivard's cell. His attempt at 'street art' can be clearly seen to this day.

View a video of Château Chillon on Google Maps

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