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St. Catherine's Monastery, Egypt

Saint Catherine's Monastery on the Sinai Peninsula, at the foot of Mount Sinai in Egypt is one of the oldest continuously functioning Christian monasteries in the world. The monastery is Greek Orthodox and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The oldest record of monastic life at Sinai comes from the travel journal written in Latin by a woman named Egeria about 381-384. She visited many places around the Holy Land and Mount Sinai, where, according to the Hebrew Bible, Moses received the Ten Commandments from God.

View a video of St. Catherine's Monastery on Google Maps

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Ryder Cup Fly Over

Here is a fly over of all 18 holes of the Valhalla golf course, the venue of the 2008 Ryder Cup. To view the fly over you will need to have the Google Earth browser plug-in installed on your computer. If you don't already have the plug-in installed you will be prompted to do so.

Thames Festival 2008

In what seemed like the first day of summer here in London the annual Thames Festival got under way.

Star Viewer Map

Cone NebulaI've implemented quite a big change to the Star Viewer Map today.

First off - I've added a movie of the Cone Nebula to the map. The Cone Nebula (also known as NGC 2264) is an H II region in the constellation of Monoceros.

Secondly, I've finally got around to changing the size of all the embedded YouTube videos. The videos are now all twice as large which makes for much better celestial viewing.

Music Map

Soren Johannessen posted a map to Google Maps Mania called Copenhagen Music. Basically Soren took songs from YouTube that were about Copenhagen and mapped them.

I thought this was such a great idea that I decided to create my own Music Map. My map concentrates on the UK and the US and ranges from Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant (London) to Basin Street Blues by Louis Armstrong (New Orleans).

If you can think of any songs I've missed you can even add them to the map. For the bare faced cheek of stealing his idea I've given Soren access to the database of songs I've created for the map.

Huangguoshu Waterfall, China

Huangguoshu WaterfallHuangguoshu Falls is the largest waterfall in China and Asia located on the Baihe River in Anshun, Guizhou Province. It is 77.8 m (255 ft) high and 101 m (330 ft) wide. The main waterfall is 67 m (220 ft) high and 83.3 m (273 ft) wide. The Water-Curtain Cave named "Shuiliandong" in Chinese, is a 134 m (440 ft) long naturally formed cave located in the back of the falls. It allows visitors to not only view, but hear and touch the waterfalls.

The falls flow at more than 700 cubic meters of water per second and drop to a pond named Xiniu Pond (Xiniu Tan). Its thunderous roars can be heard five kilometers away.

View a video of Huangguoshu Waterfall on Google Maps

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