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Google Earth Plugin 5

This week Google released an update for the Google Earth Plugin that added many of the new features that were recently introduced in version 5 of Google Earth. These features include bathymetry (mapping of the sea floor), the ability to create tours and Google Mars.

I think my favourite feature is the ability to create narrated tours. Here are three I created this week:

Re-enactment of the Crash of Flight 1549

This tour follows the flight path of the flight of 1549, from take-off until it crashed in the Hudson River. Whilst following the flight you can listen to the actual conversation between the pilot and the control tower. The recording is created from the eight audio tapes released by the FAA.

Mars' Victoria Crater

This tour of the Victoria Crater on Mars uses a podcast from NASA for the narration. I think the tour demonstrates the educational potential of the latest version of the Google Earth plugin. I think it looks pretty stunning as well.

Mount Redoubt

To demonstrate how the Google Earth plugin can also be used to illustrate the news I created this narrated tour of Mount Redoubt. The narration is from a press briefing by US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. The briefing was held after the eruption of Mount Redoubt on Sunday March 22.