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Knossos, Greece

Knossos also known as the Knossos Palace is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and probably the ceremonial and political center of the Minoan civilization and culture.

The city of Knossos remained important through the Classical and Roman periods, but its population shifted to the new town of Handaq (modern Heraklion) during the 9th century AD. By the 13th century, it was called Makryteikhos 'Long Wall'; the bishops of Gortyn continued to call themselves Bishops of Knossos until the 19th century. Today, the name is used only for the archaeological site situated in the suburbs of Heraklion.

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New Hubblecast Video Added to Star Viewer

The European Space Agency has released a new Hubblecast video. This Hubblecast video examines a spectacular new image of an unusual spiral galaxy in the Coma Galaxy Cluster.

It reveals lots of new details of the galaxy, NGC 4921, as well as an extraordinary rich background of more remote galaxies stretching back to the early Universe.

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Raymond James Stadium

Today's Super Bowl is taking place at the Raymond James Stadium. The Raymond James Stadium is a multi-purpose football stadium located in Tampa, Florida. It is home to the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well as the NCAA's South Florida Bulls football team. The stadium seats just over 66,000, and it is expandable to 75,000 for special events. The stadium also hosts the annual Outback Bowl on New Year's Day, and the Monster Jam monster truck event in mid–January.

Super Bowl XXXV was held there on January 28, 2001 between the Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants. It will host Super Bowl XLIII in 2009 which will be between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.

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