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Brighton Map - Updated

Here's an early look at a Google Map that I'm working on at the moment. SeeBrighton shows museums, tourist attractions, clubs, sports venues and hotels in the city on the south coast of the UK.

At the moment the map is really just a collection of markers. I plan to make the categories of markers selectable so that you can view one category of marker at a time or any combination of categories together. I also plan to add other categories, such as restaurants and cafes.

I've now started working on version 1.1 of this. You can see the results here.

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Portugal, Switzerland and Taiwan in Street View

Yesterday Google added Street View imagery for a number of cities in Portugal, Switzerland and Taiwan.

I've been playing around with the new 'photosynth' type feature in Street View. This feature hasn't been added to the Google Maps API yet but I have managed to hack together a little site that shows some Street Views with the new feature.

Click on the photographs in the top right of the Street View to view photos from Panoramio and Picasa. all the Street Views on this page come from the new countries added yesterday to Street View.

The Bird's Nest, Beijing

Beijing National Stadium, also known as the National Stadium or colloquially as the Bird's Nest, is a stadium in Beijing, China. The stadium was designed for use throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

Located in the Olympic Green, the $423 million stadium is the world's largest steel structure. The design was awarded to a submission from the Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron in April 2003, after a bidding process that included 13 final submissions.

View a video of The Bird's Nest on Google Maps Mania

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Elmina Castle, Ghana

Elmina Castle was erected by the Portuguese in 1482 as Sao Jorge da Mina (St. George of the Mine) Castle, also known simply as Mina or Feitoria da Mina) in present-day Elmina, Ghana (formerly the Gold Coast). It was the first trading post built on the Gulf of Guinea, so is the oldest European building in existence below the Sahara.

First established as a trade settlement, the castle later became one of the most important stops on the route of the Atlantic Slave Trade. The Dutch seized the fort from the Portuguese in 1637, and took over all the Portuguese Gold Coast in 1642. The slave trade continued under the Dutch until 1871 when the fort became a possession of the British Empire.

View a video of Elmina Castle on Google Maps

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