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One of the hidden treasures of Google Maps is Mike Fay's Megaflyover images of Africa. These images provide some super close-ups of a number of African animals. This Safari map animates through a few of the best images from the Megaflyover.

Unfortunately this map tries to default back to Google Maps' normal zoom levels. The secret in using this map is to press the 'Play again' button (bottom right) which forces the map to zoom in beyond the default levels and exposes some great close up shots of the animals.

View the Safari

The Canadian Parliament Street View Tour

Using Google's newly released Street View imagery of Canada and Prague I've created a small Street View tour of Parliament Hill in Ottawa and of Prague's Old Town Square.

If you pan the Street View around then information about what is currently being shown in the Street View will appear at the bottom of the screen.

The code for this small Street View tour was developed with the help of Map Channels.

View the The Canadian Parliament Street View Tour

View Prague's Old Town Square

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NASA Moon Rocket Crash Site

Here is a Google Earth browser plugin map of yesterday's NASA experiment of firing a segment of rocket into the Moon. The target for the rocket was the Cabeus Crater. The crater was chosen because the lighting conditions at the time would be ideal to see the resulting ejected dirt and rock.

The map includes an embedded YouTube video from Associated Press showing footage of the mission. To view the map and video you will need to have installed the Google Earth plugin on your computer.

View the NASA Moon Rocket Crash Site