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Street View Animation

I got a little bored working on Street View Slide. As a bit of a diversion I started working on this fun animation of Street View images.

The animation captures the still images of Street Views (there is a secret Street View Still Images API) and then animates through them. The Street View Still Images API creates image tiles from the Street View panoramas. This means that if you know what you are doing you can break down the one large panoramic image into different sized images. If you then link to different parts of the larger panorama you can kind of give the illusion of turning around.

It's all a little hard to explain - just go play with the animation and work it out for yourself.

BTW - the speed buttons don't work in Internet Explorer - so if you want speed use FireFox or Chrome. The nice fade between images doesn't work in FireFox or Chrome - so if you want pretty use Internet Explorer.

Street View Animation