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Sacre Coeur

I've just added a time-lapse video of the Sacre Coeur in Paris to the Then and There map.

The Then and There map shows videos embedded in Google Maps Street View. To view the video just use the controls under the map.

If you wish to view any of the other videos just click on the map link at the top right of the Street View.

New Video in the Star Viewer Map

I've added a new amazing animation of the Pillars of Creation to the Star Viewer Map. To view the new video just pick Pillars of Creation 2 from the map sidebar or from the Recently Added link at the bottom of the map.

I've also renamed the map Star Movie Map and changed its location on the web. The address for the map is now

The map is now hosted on Google App Engine which means that it should never be affected by traffic. A couple of times this map has been picked up and mentioned on TV programmes. The resulting traffic has overwhelmed the map's servers. Now the map is hosted on Google App Engine it shouldn't be affected by traffic surges.

So, in theory, the Star Movie Map should always work.

There and Then

I've finally managed to get around to creating an interface for the videos embedded in Street View examples. The page is a first effort, so it isn't perfect and hopefully will improve over time.

However it does provide a map of all the video / street views that I have created. If you use the buttons under the map you can refine the videos shown by date. So, for example, you could choose to just view the videos from the 1920's.

View There and Then

More Video in Street View

Here's a few more examples of historical videos embedded in Street View:

1903 Hope Webbing Company, Pawtucket

1915, Claremont Theater, New York
1901, Jamaica St, Glasgow
1897, Madison St, Chicago
1926, London Bridge
1924, Cockington, Devon

1926, Market Drayton
1926, Chepstow
1896, Union Square, New York
1903 Williamsburg Bridge, New York

Video Inside Street View

Claremont Theater

Inspired by a demo I saw today from Historypin showing a video running inside of Street View I decided this evening to revisit my own experiment of embedding video in Street View.

The new demo shows a film clip from 1915 of the Claremont Theater in New York embedded in a view of the now abandoned theater in Street View. I think the demo looks really good and has a lot of potential.

At the moment if you pan the Street View the video stays centred on the screen and doesn't remain fixed to the Street View. I have an idea how I might fix this and might have a go at improving the demo over the weekend.

As ever, if you like what you see feel free to cut and paste and improve the code.

View the Demo