Virtual Tourism

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Goog Map

Google Maps API V3 has a Styled Map feature that allows developers to change the look of Google Maps.

Justin O'Beirne of Latitude41, has created some awesome Examples of Styled Maps Using Google Maps API Version 3. His first post proved so popular that he went on to create Additional Examples of Styled Maps Using Google Maps API V3. The new styles include a few examples mimicking the styles of other online map providers.

I've created Goog Map to show off some of Justin's examples and a few styles of my own - all on one map.

To change the style of the map click the white links that run along the top of the map.

Street View Drives

I've added a new animated Street View movie to Street View Drives. Google in Toronto captured two guys so excited by the Street View car that they took off their shirts and ran down the street in front of the car.

As well as these bare chested runners you can view Street View animations of Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower and other locations around the world on Street View Drives.

Street View Tourist

I've updated my Street View Tourist application to include some Street Views from the newly released Street View imagery in Brazil and Ireland. The new imagery includes the GPO Office in Dublin and São Paulo Cathedral in Brazil.

The Street View Tourist application also includes street View imagery of famous tourist destinations from many other countries around the world.